Kids Blend Kit

The Kids Blend Kit contains all of the Carol Cares Kids Blend products in one convenient, discounted package.

The Kit includes (1) Kids Blend Focus Inhaler, (1) Kids Blend Stress Relief & Calming Inhaler, (1) Kids Blend Immune Support Inhaler, (1) Kids Blend Daytime Cold & Allergy Inhaler, (1) Kids Blend Peaceful Sleep Inhaler, (1) Kids Blend Cough Control Inhaler

Each Carol Cares Kids Blend product costs $12 individually, but the Kids Blend Kit includes all six products in a handy zipper hemp bag (priced at $4 each) for the discounted price of $60.

Zipper Hemp & PEVA bag is eco-friendly. Hemp is a sustainable & appealing material that is also strong & durable. The front panel of the bag is clear PEVA plastic; the back panel is frosted PEVA plastic. PEVA is Polyethylene vinyl acetate, which is lightweight & an eco-friendly alternative to PVC.