About Us


I named my company ‘Carol Cares” because I truly do care for helping people feel their best through the finest quality therapeutic grade organic and natural, wild harvested essential oil products. I fervently studied to become a Certified Aromatherapist, Certified Aromatherpist Teacher. My concern for proper usage of essential oils led me to study with Robert Tisserand and become Certified in Essential Oil Safety from The Tisserand Institute. Making blends for friends and relatives for years, and using essential oils in my Reflexology practice, I’ve been urged to offer my products to the rest of our world. I buy single oils from highly regarded distributors that work with world renowned physicists, chemists and distillers, who test and report on each batch of oil. The oils are freshly distilled or cold pressed, with no preservatives, in PET plastic and BPA-free glass jars to ensure that you receive the purity you are looking for. You’ll see a “best used by” date on every product for skin application or inhalation. I check the official GC/MS Report, which states the percentage of every component within each oil to see what properties would be the most favorable to use in each recipe I create. There are quite a few variables in essential oils, even with the same name. The country of origin, the season of distillation, the climate, all add to the complexity, and that sometimes changes the usage from one application to another completely different one. Therapeutic Grade essential oils are extremely concentrated and should be respected for the healing and wellness properties they possess. My blends are not intended to take internally. These precious oils have been helpful to many cultures for centuries. I hope that you love these jewels of nature as I do, and incorporate them into your daily life.

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