Kids Blend

Essential oils are helpful for school-aged children, as well as students of any age! From helping children avoid or overcome illnesses which often run rampant during the school year, to helping overcome anxiety and stress in school, sports, and social situations. Just like the necessary school supplies, essential oils for back to school can help prepare your child to be successful in the new school year.

Essential Oil Safety is of the utmost importance to me. I do not advise the use of diffusers in the classroom, as there are contraindications for some people, including allergies, medications, even the psychological memory of a scent. To err on the side of safety for all, I do not advise using a diffuser in a public place. Having a personal inhaler (portable diffuser), will not affect anyone else in the surrounding area, as the essential oil blend is inhaled through the nose of the person using it, not sprayed into the air. A personal inhaler is the healthy use of essential oils in the public arena.